The Axelar Robot NFT Collection: Cross-chain NFTs, Minted in Partnership With MintDAO

Axelar recently announced a new member of the team to help power the cross-chain future of Web3: The Axelar Robot.

August 19, 2022
August 19, 2022

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Axelar recently announced a new member of the team to help power the cross-chain future of Web3: The Axelar Robot. The robot represents the advanced technology we are building to enable true interoperability between blockchains and personifies our values of curiosity, excellence and ownership. In celebration of our new brand mascot, we are launching a cross-chain Robot NFT collection that you can own in partnership with MintDAO.

MintDAO is an NFT launchpad that is integrating with Axelar network to enable a variety of cross-chain features for their collections. In the case of our upcoming collection, MintDAO will use Axelar’s General Message Passing (GMP) functionality to enable NFT holders to bridge their NFTs to different blockchains. Our collection will be minted on Ethereum through MintDAO’s web application. In addition to minting, MintDAO will provide a bridging interface in their website as well, which will allow users from any Axelar-connected EVM ecosystem to participate in a cross-chain quest and win AXL token rewards.

Collection details

The Axelar Cross-Chain Robot NFT Collection will consist of 2,000 individual NFTs. The NFTs are in a PFP format, and include three different rarity tiers, plus a limited set of completely unique robots who might look a bit familiar... There are seven different traits that make each robot unique, including:

  • Headgear.
  • Armor types.
  • Armor skins.
  • Facial expressions.
  • Collars.
  • Shoulders.
  • Arms.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Network badges.

The Axelar Cross-Chain Robot NFT Collection at a glance

⛓️ Mint Network: Ethereum (Then Cross-chain!)

🗓 Mint Date: Sept. 7, 2022 (Whitelist 18:00UTC / Public 20:00UTC)

🗺 Location: MintDAO Launchpad

🏺 Collection: 2000 NFTs

💱 Mint Price: TBA



Each Axelar Robot NFT provides the holder with a variety of benefits depending on its rarity tier. Some benefits will be publicly announced prior to the mint while others will remain secret.

NFT holders will be able to win rewards in $AXL tokens through competing in the Cross-Chain Hunt Festival, in which they use the MintDAO bridge to move their NFTs to new chains.

Quest 1 - Fortune favors the…. fast.

Bridge your NFT to Polygon and claim your reward. You have 24h. The faster you bridge your NFT, the higher your reward.

  • The first 50 will receive 100 AXL (sum reward 5,000 AXL).
  • The next 51-500 will receive 20 AXL (sum reward 9,000 AXL).
  • The next 501-2,000 will receive 5 AXL (sum reward 7,500 AXL).
  • In total, rewards will add up to 21,500 AXL.

This is just the first quest in the Cross-Chain Hunt Festival, but watch out 👀 - further quests will be revealed once the hunt begins.

Even more utility

NFT Holders of certain rarity tiers will be:

  • Eligible to gain access to limited-edition Axelar merch.
  • Receive free admission tickets to upcoming Axelar events.
  • Gain access to a tokenholders channel within Axelar Discord.

How to get whitelisted

To start, follow MintDAO and Axelar on Twitter to stay on top of each whitelist challenge. Our partners are also running twitter challenges for whitelist spots, which we will retweet.

Whitelist Details

Whitelist spots can be acquired by Axelar and MintDAO community members and NFT enthusiasts. Each wallet address with a whitelist spot will be able to mint two NFTs, should they choose to do so during the private mint.

Anyone with a secure spot on our whitelist will be able to mint NFT for 2 hours before the public mint on Sept. 7.

We have already begun giving away whitelist spots through challenges like this one! We (and some of our favorite partners) will continue to give away whitelist spots through challenges on our Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Minting & bridging

All minting and bridging will take place on MintDAO . Please note, the collection will be minted on Ethereum, so all fees will be paid in ETH.