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Axelar network is an open-source infrastructure project for an interoperable Web3. There are as many ways to work on the project as there are blockchains and applications connected to the network.

Join the Community

Axelar network is supported by a global community of builders, communicators, stakers and validators. The Network Discord, Telegram and Community Forum are full of discussion about grants, community campaigns and ideas to improve interoperability. Join the conversation today!


Join a lively community of builders and educators. Share in the vision of an interoperable Web3.


Ask questions, meet other builders, learn about Web3 interoperability and get involved.

Governance Forum

Propose community initiatives & improvements to the network. Discuss & shape the future of programmable interoperability.

Contribute Code

As a project committed to open-source configurability and transparency, Axelar network’s code base is visible and flexible, end-to-end. The community welcomes suggestions for improvement. If you see a place where you think you can make Axelar network better, please submit a PR.

Solidity (Ethereum)
function callContract(
    string calldata destinationChain,
    string calldata destinationContractAddress,
    bytes calldata payload
) external {
    emit ContractCall(msg.sender, destinationChain, destinationContractAddress, keccak256(payload), payload);

function callContractWithToken(
    string calldata destinationChain,
    string calldata destinationContractAddress,
    bytes calldata payload,
    string calldata symbol,
    uint256 amount
) external {
    _burnTokenFrom(msg.sender, symbol, amount);
    emit ContractCallWithToken(msg.sender, destinationChain, destinationContractAddress, keccak256(payload), payload, symbol, amount);

function _execute(string calldata sourceChain, string calldata sourceAddress, bytes calldata payload) internal virtual {}

Join an Axelar ecosystem project

The Axelar network ecosystem comprises dozens of chains and hundreds of applications. Check out open positions at a few projects that are advancing the state of interoperability and Axelar network.

Leading validators secure Axelar network and support the community.

Interop Labs
The initial developer of Axelar network.

Innovating in infrastructure for Web3 games.

A liquidity router built on top of Axelar and used by leading DEXs.

Building key interoperability technology for real-world assets (RWAs).

Advancing interoperability between modular blockchains.

Featured Project: Interop Labs

Smart Contract Security Engineer
Interop Labs

Ensure the security and integrity of cross-chain messaging protocol and applications.

APAC Marketing + Community Manager
Interop Labs

Expand the audience, boost engagement and grow regional community activity.

Head of Marketing
Interop Labs

Work directly with founders and internal teams on developing key marketing initiatives.

DevOps Engineer
Interop Labs

Implement cutting-edge technology for continuous integration and improvement.

Site Reliability Engineer
Interop Labs

Practice continuous integration and improvement with cutting-edge technology to facilitate automation, working towards deployment.