Send Your Token Anywhere, With 1 Click

Interchain Tokens go beyond bridges with native fungibility + functionality. Scale tokens with one-click programmable interoperability.

Interchain Token Service automates cross-chain

Interchain Token Service (ITS) scales tokens to many chains: supporting both existing and newly minted tokens; preserving native-like fungibility and functionality on connected EVM chains; automating deployment and maintenance so teams can easily manage supply over a network that is open, scalable and secure.

A no-code portal for token management

The ITS Portal provides a step-by-step process for creating new or registering existing Interchain Tokens. Set the token name, adjust settings like total supply and select which chains it should be registered on. Experience one-click programmable interoperability. Take your token interchain in a matter of minutes!

Multichain distribution via Squid

A seamless whitelisting process enables Interchain Tokens registered through the token portal to gain fast distribution via Squid - a cross-chain swapping dApp built on Axelar.


Only Interchain Tokens fully automate permissionless
multichain deploy-and-manage.


Interchain Tokens run on open-source code via smart contracts
on a public blockchain secured by a dynamic validator set.


Scale up to 15+ blockchains with canonical versions of your token
that share a single EVM address.


Customizable with features like yield & permissions;
going cross-chain with customizations intact.

Projects Using ITS Today

Axelar is trusted by new and established projects adding multichain functionality to their applications.

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