A Global Network
of Teams

As an open-source project, Axelar network has many inputs. What unites them all is a passion for uniting Web3 as a platform for world-changing internet applications.

Ecosystem Teams

Axelar network wouldn’t be possible without the teams of people building applications and blockchains that connect via the network.

dApp Ecosystem

Learn more about the full ecosystem of teams building applications on and with Axelar network.

Connected Platforms

Axelar connects 60+ blockchains, each innovating as Web3 platforms and contributing to the broader, interconnected ecosystem.

Interop Labs

Interop Labs is the initial developer of Axelar network, with a team formed by global experts in distributed systems, cryptography and technology.


The Axelar community is as diverse as they are passionate. It includes validators, stakeholders and a wide range of contributors from all categories of expertise – contributing to the Axelar codebase, to network governance and to broader education about Web3 interoperability.