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Axelar connects public and private blockchains over flexible, fully transparent infrastructure that scales to secure billions of dollars and millions of transactions.

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Enterprise Integrations

Onyx by J.P. Morgan
Onyx is a bank-led blockchain platform building next generation financial ecosystems that enable seamless exchange of value, digital assets and information.
Provenance Blockchain is the leading public Layer 1 for real world assets.
Build Web3 solutions with trusted Azure products, developer tools, and security services.
Mastercard’s worldwide network is helping make crypto accessible and secure for billions of consumers — and businesses and governments.

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Axelar for



No comparable cross-chain network supports smart contracts. Axelar delivers true chain abstraction for both users and developers with minimal overhead.



Today, Axelar connects more blockchains than any other interoperability provider – and the gap is widening. Axelar is truly the shortest path to scale.



Axelar runs battle-tested proof-of-stake verification. Risk is further mitigated via superior topology and application-layer policies like rate limits.

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