Ripple and Axelar Foundation Partner to Enhance XRP Ledger’s Interoperability Across Blockchains

Developed by Interop Labs, Axelar network integration with the XRPL will help enable secure and efficient transfer of assets across 55+ connected blockchains.

February 27, 2024
Galen Moore
February 27, 2024

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Ripple and Axelar Foundation are partnering to bring seamless interoperability to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) across a diverse range of blockchain networks. XRPL is a decentralized, layer 1 blockchain with reliability and stability proven for over a decade that is trusted by businesses and builders globally for the efficient tokenization and exchange of crypto-native and real-world assets. This collaboration aims to drive forward a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem, offering developers new opportunities for integration and application development. Axelar’s network will serve as an additional resource to further broaden XRPL's utility and reach.

Leveraging Axelar GMP for advanced RWA and DeFi capabilities on the XRPL

Axelar network's integration with the XRPL aims to help bolster the XRPL DeFi ecosystem by providing essential liquidity for stablecoins and large-cap assets. Developers will also be able to capitalize on the XRPL’s built-in features such as the native DEX, the upcoming AMM and the payments system recognized for its security and efficiency.

Additionally, Axelar network will help facilitate the deployment of cross-chain dApps directly on the XRPL. Beyond traditional asset bridging, Axelar delivers General Message Passing (GMP), a feature that expands XRPL's functionality, enabling developers to execute function calls on smart contracts residing on 55+ connected blockchains. This capability ensures the secure, cross-chain exchange of a wide array of payloads, including both data and function calls, via Axelar's GMP.

Such an advancement surpasses the initial focus of simple bridging transactions, where assets are typically locked on one chain and represented on another. With GMP, transactions involving XRP and other assets can transcend the XRPL, fostering a higher level of sophistication and creating a more unified experience in dApps that utilize XRP.

At the forefront of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs), the XRPL is establishing a new standard for blockchain interoperability that greatly benefits developers, validators, enterprises and other participants within the XRPL ecosystem focused on building with this use case. The Axelar Foundation will broaden blockchain adoption by facilitating RWA. Axelar network's comprehensive API and tooling enable seamless integration of tokenized assets on the XRPL with a broad spectrum of applications, accessing deep liquidity pools within the Web3 ecosystem. This not only extends the applications and reach of RWAs on the XRPL but also lays the groundwork for more integrated and intuitive multi-chain user experiences, propelling forward the innovation and usability of blockchain technology.

Enhancing the blockchain ecosystem through cross-chain connectivity

Axelar’s cross-chain security approach is founded on permissionless proof-of-stake validation, with risk-mitigation layers including validator security policies and contract limits on how much can be transferred over a time period. Axelar is built on a hub-and-spoke network topology, enabling swift containment and isolation of problems on connected chains, without sacrificing network liveness or security. Subject to on-chain governance, the XRPL will be integrated into this secure cross-chain infrastructure via a multi-signature contract with 32 Axelar validators signing transactions to and from the XRPL. Software required to deliver the integration will be developed by Interop Labs.

"Connecting XRPL demonstrates Axelar network’s market-leading ability to integrate diverse consensus mechanisms into a unified environment for building seamless user experiences that scale everywhere,” said Georgios Vlachos, co-founder of the Axelar protocol and director at Axelar Foundation. “Axelar already connects Cosmos, EVM and Polkadot chains in its fast-growing network of interoperable blockchains. XRPL adds a powerhouse of DeFi and RWA innovation into the growing Axelar ecosystem. The Axelar Foundation is excited to support this integration and expand the interconnected world of Web3 together with Ripple and XRPL."

“The advancement of blockchain interoperability can break down the silos between networks, enabling seamless interaction and value transfer across diverse platforms. This shift will drive innovation, particularly in DeFi, and could help lead to a more interconnected and accessible blockchain ecosystem,” said David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple and Co-creator of the XRPL. “This initiative from Axelar will help enhance the XRPL's interoperability by extending it to a wider network of blockchain environments while complementing the XRPL’s rich feature set and opening up new pathways for utility and innovation.”

Ripple’s proposed amendment XLS-38 was the first step in enhancing interoperability within the XRPL ecosystem, particularly in bridging connections between the XRPL mainnet and its sidechains such as the upcoming EVM-sidechain. The partnership with Axelar Foundation propels interoperability into the broader blockchain realm. By bridging the XRPL with Axelar’s network ecosystem of interconnected blockchains, this initiative broadens the scope of interoperability, enabling the XRPL to tap into new ecosystems and drive forward multi-chain innovation.

Set to launch in May, the integration of Axelar network with XRPL marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain interoperability and utility. Follow and for more updates.

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