Monthly Update: Airdrops, Arbitrum & Axelar’s new partners

Axelar’s month in review: new chains, new dApps + AMAs with multi-chain builders and tutorials for devs.

December 12, 2022
Galen Moore
December 12, 2022

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To the Axelar community–

We hope you’re all weathering the storm.

In regard to the recent shakeouts, we want to take a moment to address any concerns

Axelar is NOT affected by the news. Our reserves are in cash/USDC and do not depend on market conditions. We have runway to continue building for over 5 years.

As an industry, we will have to build and rebuild trust. There is no better way to do it than with permissionless, decentralized, and easy-to-use networks. This is an opportunity for strong teams and technology to be truly impactful and remain as long-term industry leaders.

Feel as inspired as we do by this opportunity? Join the conversation with us:

👾 ✈️

Let’s continue building for the interchain future together 🦾🔥

This message originally appeared as a post to Axelar’s communities on Discord & Telegram, and in a thread on Twitter. Feel the same way? RT and share with your followers!

Ecosystem Updates

Airdrops are coming

The AXL airdrop site is live!

Airdrop programs for: 🛰️

🧪 Osmosis

🤖 Axelar NFT robot holders

RT the news and stay tuned!

New chain support: Celo, Arbitrum, Umee, Agoric

In November, Axelar rolled out mainnet support for Celo, Arbitrum, Umee, and Agoric to bring the total # of supported chains to 29. See the full list of supported chains here:

New partner: QuickSwap

Axelar is collaborating with QuickSwap, the largest dex on Polygon, to enable cross-chain swaps. Missed the announcement? Maybe your followers did, too. RT the QuickSwap announcement for them, here.

New partner: Biconomy

Can a dApp be chainless? 🤯 Axelar and Biconomy are partnering to enable a chainless user experience. Developers can now build natively cross-chain networks that are permissionless, decentralized and truly chain-agnostic using Biconomy’s newly released SDK. 🙌 Share the announcement!

New pools: IST / USDC on Crescent

Axelar is making cross-chain stableswaps secure and easy for partner Circle & USDC, for Inter Protocol’s new IST stablecoin. Like IST? LP and RT to your followers! On Arbitrum? (Note: LPing is riskier than staking. DYOR.)

New pools: axlUSDC / USDC on Arbitrum

Arbitrum users also have a new way to find liquidity cross-chain: Beam up to, check it out and RT to tell your frens.

Expanded Axelar validator set

Unlike bridges and other less-secure cross-chain providers, Axelar uses a dynamic validator set. In November, validators and stakers voted to expand the validator set. Missed the vote? Read & RT the proposal on mintscan & join the Axelar governance discussion at

AXL Listing: Binance.US

The AXL token is the key to Axelar security and the features that differentiate Axelar from basic bridges. Binance.US is listing the ERC-20 version of the token, helping more people stake AXL. RT their announcement

New explainer video: Axelar + Polygon

Excited about our partnership with Polygon? Watch this 1-minute explainer video and you’ll be even more excited. Like + subscribe, here.

Look into 2023 w/ new Cosmos & Avalanche ecosystem advisors 🔮

Two new community advisors have joined Axelar: @Thyborg for the Cosmos ecosystem and @rogeravax, focused on Avalanche. Listen in on Dec. 13 at 1800 UTC in our Discord events channel as advisors Thyborg, Roger & Squid founder @0xpostman discuss what’s coming on the interoperable Web3 in 2023. Set a reminder.

Axelar University Program

On Nov. 29, Sergey presented to a group of graduate and undergraduate students from MIT blockchain clubs. Want to invite us to speak at your university? Reply to this email.

Interop Summit

New speakers

Katherine Wu, venture partner at Archetype VC; Eric Chen, co-founder of Injective, a dex platform on Cosmos; Chris Sharp, CTO of Blockdaemon. New speakers are onboarding constantly. Follow Interop on Twitter for more.

A call for a year of ‘boring crypto’

Sergey’s call to builders: “Learn how to make it simpler to build in Web3 than in Web2. Sounds hard? Yes, but it’s possible. Blockchains offer a beautiful composition of compute, storage, and authentication all in one sandbox.” Share Sergey’s thread & join us at Interop Summit.

Community Education + Tutorials

AMA: Ledger co-founder Thomas France

Thomas built Ledger, one of the most successful companies in crypto and is now a venture investor. Listen in as he and Sergey discuss the potential for wallets as super dApps to onboard millions of users. Like Thomas’ AMA & subscribe for more!

AMA: New decentralized stables, for every chain

Axelar’s Jake Kane, Sommelier’s Zaki Manian and Agoric’s Dean Tribble held a conversation hosted by Inter Protocol on IST and how the decentralized stablecoin will provide multichain liquidity for Web3. Missed it? Listen + share the link.

AMA: Axelar, QuickSwap & Squid

Find out how Axelar secures messages and Squid routes liquidity in a partnership that is enabling QuickSwap, the largest dex on Polygon, to provide seamless onramps for new users of the decentralized web. Like the QuickSwap AMA & subscribe for more.

AMA: What does it mean to build chainless?

Axelar and Biconomy get together to talk about Axelar’s new integration with Biconomy SDK and what it means to put user experience first and how we can make that easy for developers. Builders, listen + RT!

AMA: Polygon Supernets + Axelar: new onramps for Web3

Be a 🪰 on the wall as Axelar and Polygon talk about how we are supporting faster, better and easier onramps that duplicate the key feature of centralized apps: they are completely chain agnostic. Like the Polygon AMA & subscribe for more.

Tutorial: Move stables from Cosmos to BNB w/ Ellipsis

This tutorial shows how to go from USDC on Cosmos into BUSD, the stablecoin of the BNB chain, via Satellite and liquidity pools on Ellipsis, a partner dex on BNB. More end-user tutorials are coming: Watch, like + subscribe!

Tutorial: Axelar Learn: Sandbox rapid prototyping

We did a live walk-through of the Axelar Sandbox, a rapid prototyping environment for chain-agnostic dApps. Like our Sandbox demo & subscribe for more.

Tutorial: Dev workshop @ Moonbeam hackathon

Axelar’s Stephen Fluin joined the Moonbeam team at their Illuminate hackathon for a workshop on building cross-chain dApps with Axelar’s infrastructure and developer tools. Watch the video.

Tutorial: Tech Talk w/ Eigenlayer

Eigenlayer is one of the most exciting infrastructure projects in Web3, right now. Founder Sreeram Kannan joined the Axelar team for a demo and presentation of what they are building. Watch it, like + subscribe!

Tutorial: How Axelar gas fees work

Axelar is designed so users pay gas ⛽️ONCE⛽️: No need to post additional tx on destination chains or perform relays. A lot goes on under the hood, so here’s everything you need to know about gas costs on & elsewhere: Read + RT for your followers!

Tutorial: Become a Satellite pro user w/ Layer3

Building for mass adoption on the decentralized web requires futurists who build knowledge at the early stages. We’ve partnered with Web3 education project Layer3 to find more of them. RT our quest for your followers!

Dev tutorial: Add interop to an existing lending protocol

Watch an Axelar engineering team member walk you through how to add interoperability to an existing DeFi app, such as a lending protocol. Now you can onboard users from any chain. Like the tutorial & subscribe for more.

In the Press

BNB Chain spotlight

Why is BNB Chain excited about Axelar? Find out & RT!


“For builders that are building on Polygon Edge, to access liquidity across all of Web3 — it’s absolutely huge.” We couldn’t agree more with the big brains at BlockBytes. Watch the clip & RT it for your followers.


“We need to push for a decentralized infra to power DeFi & make the user experience at least as seamless as CeFi.” Missed our interview with Cryptocito? Watch & share it, here.

Charlie Shrem podcast

Yes, that Charlie Shrem. A great conversation between Charlie and Sergey on what it means to build chain-agnostically and why that’s necessary for the future of the decentralized internet. Listen + share w/ your followers!