MintDAO & Axelar Announce the Axelar Robot NFT Staking Program

We are now excited to announce Axelar’s first NFT staking program! Here’s what the program will look like.

May 11, 2023
Galen Moore
May 11, 2023

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The MintDAO x Axelar Robot NFT collection launched last fall. Since then, Axelar has hosted a cross-chain hunt with five challenges, run an airdrop and launched exclusive swag in conjunction with skip-the-line access for Robot holders to all of Axelar’s in-person events – something that will continue moving forwards. There was also an NFT quest campaign with XDEFI where Axelar NFT holders were eligible to participate and earn rewards.

During this time, the community expressed interest in a program offering longer-term utility and perks for holders – with the majority asking for a staking program. We are now excited to announce Axelar’s first NFT staking program! Here’s what the program will look like.

How the Robot NFT Staking Reward Program works


Staking in the first 30 days of the program

  • Stake your Robot NFTs in the first 30 days for 15-50 AXL monthly rewards according to the NFT rarity for three months.
  • Guaranteed rewards level for those who staked in the first 30 days for the next three months.
  • Those who locked into first 30 days' rewards can extend higher rewards for full year with monthly social tasks.

For those who miss the initial 30-day program window

  • Those who missed initial window can stake at lower rate.
  • If you missed the initial 30-day window you can move into higher staking category by completing monthly social tasks in the first month.

For those who stake their Robot NFTs in the first 30 days on the MintDAO Staking page, they will receive between 15 and 50 AXL monthly according to rarity for 3 months, outlined in the chart below. Those who staked in the first 30 days are guaranteed that rewards level for the next 3 months.

After this initial month-long staking window ends, only those who staked in the first 30 days will be able to access these rewards. However, those who missed the opening month’s window will be able to stake, but at the lower rate outlined below. After the initial three months ends, those who locked into the first 30 days' staking rewards can extend these higher rewards to span the full year based on completing monthly social tasks outlined below. Those who missed the initial 30-day window can also move into the higher staking category by completing these monthly social tasks in their first month.

This program will be offered as a single-chain service on Polygon. Users can unstake their NFTs anytime. Once the user unstakes their NFT the unbonding period begins, which lasts 30 days. During this time no rewards will be distributed to the holder’s account and the user will not be able to transfer their NFT.

Staking rewards table

NFT Type/Rarity

If staked in the first 30 Days

If staked after the first 30 Days


15 AXL



20 AXL



25 AXL



50 AXL

17 AXL

Social tasks

Do you have an NFT project that you’d like to see go cross-chain? We want to hear from you! These social tasks range across Axelar’s Discord, Twitter & Galxe Space over a month and help us spread the word about the program and get you more rewards in return.

We are also excited to offer Robot NFT holders monthly programs with Axelar partners which include exclusive perks, giveaways and more! Join the Discord and claim your NFT Hodler role to stay in the loop.

One time:

  • Join Axelar’s Discord and claim the NFT Hodler role to access the private holders’s channel.
  • Tag your favorite NFT project you would like to see go cross-chain on Twitter and share with us.


  • RT tweet from Axelar’s main handle.


  • Tweet about Axelar’s Robot staking program, tag the Axelar account and use the hashtag #crosschainNFT.
  • Attend one Axelar event (online) a month – this will be compounded by receiving OAT rewards on the Galxe platform!
  • Do a cross-chain swap using Squid – this will boost your Axelscore and enter you in our weekly contests!