How to Bridge Into Cosmos: Transferring Stablecoins From Polygon to Osmosis

Here's how to bridge into Cosmos with $USDC from Polygon to Osmosis. On Osmosis, you can swap your $USDC for any token native to the Cosmos to take the first step in your exploration.

January 5, 2023
Galen Moore
January 5, 2023

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In this tutorial, we’ll bridge into Cosmos by transferring the $USDC stablecoin from Polygon to Osmosis using Satellite, a bridging app built by Axelar, the canonical bridge infrastructure provider for Osmosis.

Prefer to watch a video tutorial? You can do that here. (Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Axelar channel.)

1. Before we start, ensure that your MetaMask wallet on Polygon is topped up with $MATIC for gas fees and that you’ve set up a Keplr wallet.


If you don’t already have any $MATIC, you’ll probably need to use a centralized exchange or DEX on the Ethereum L1 to acquire the currency, before you bridge into Cosmos.

2. Head over to and connect both your MetaMask and Keplr wallets.


3. Select your source and destination chain as well as the asset and amount you’d like to transfer. In this case, that asset is $axlUSDC.


4. If you need to acquire $axlUSDC, you can swap $USDC to $axlUSDC on QuickSwap, here. You’ll find a tutorial for using QuickSwap, here.

5. Once everything looks good, autofill your Keplr destination address.


6. Click generate deposit address.


7. 🚨Important: send only axlUSDC to the deposit address.🚨 Click confirm to acknowledge & proceed.


8. Click send from MetaMask.


9. Confirm the transaction and you’re golden–you've bridged into Cosmos. Your assets are on the way to Osmosis!


10. In the event of a problem, use the Axelarscan block explorer to track your transaction and join our Discord to ask questions or file a support ticket.

Once the transaction is complete and your assets have arrived in your Keplr wallet on Osmosis, you can celebrate! You’ve successfully bridged into Cosmos, transferring $USDC from Polygon to Osmosis.

11. On Osmosis, you can swap your $USDC for any token native to the Cosmos to take the first step in your exploration.

Both $USDC and $OSMO have utility across the Cosmos ecosystem, but since stableswaps mean you can access that utility without changing your exposure to more volatile assets, we’ll show the $USDC-$DAI swap here. The flow is the same for any $USDC pair on Osmosis.

12. Congratulations! You’re now an experienced Satellite user, ready to explore any ecosystem via stableswap.

Check out this list of pools for tokens bridged via Axelar – so you’ll know how to find liquidity, wherever you land.