To Avoid Scams, Check This List of Axelar Official Channels

⚠️ Scammers are running fake Axelar channels and websites. Be careful! ⚠️

January 30, 2023
Galen Moore
January 30, 2023

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Like other closely watched projects in crypto, Axelar has attracted its share of would-be scammers. Often, they try to set up Telegram channels, websites or search ads that look like legitimate Axelar properties, with the purpose of enticing users to send funds or give up personal information they can exploit.

You can avoid these scams by always checking official Axelar online properties.

Below is the official list of Axelar's online properties. These are the channels Axelar uses for announcements pertaining to airdrops, the AXL token, bounties, partnerships, technical roadmap and any other information related to the Axelar project.

Before acting on any information you receive elsewhere, please verify it using the sources listed here. If you spot something out in the wild and you think it’s a scam targeting Axelar users, please join our Discord and flag the scam in the #🚨│scam-report channel.

Please note that Axelar admins, core team and moderators will never:

  • DM first or contact you outside of the chats.
  • Ask for your seed phrase or private key.

Axelar maintains a scam reporting channel on our Discord, where we ask community members to report any malicious activity and accounts. This helps keep everyone safe.