Axelar General Message Passing now Connects the Cosmos and all EVM Chains

Sommelier is a leading example: the Cosmos-based protocol for intelligent vaults announced today it is building connections to Arbitrum using Axelar GMP.

May 2, 2023
Galen Moore
May 2, 2023

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Axelar's General Message Passing (GMP) is now available between Cosmos and EVM chains, providing composability for dApps that span both ecosystems.

Axelar has long been the best way to connect EVM and Cosmos chains via bridged assets. With GMP, that connection goes beyond bridging, supporting a new generation of cross-chain applications that combine the best of Cosmos and EVM.

These natively interchain applications will combine Cosmos appchain functionality and the rich DeFi protocols of the EVM ecosystem to deliver applications that are more sophisticated than would be possible on one chain alone. In the new generation of interchain dApps, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Interchain apps are already building on Cosmos <> Arbitrum

Sommelier is a leading example: the Cosmos-based protocol for intelligent vaults announced today it is building connections to Arbitrum, going beyond Arbitrum's native bridge using Axelar GMP. From today's press release:

For Sommelier, GMP is the means to turbocharging DeFi across the EVM world. Already, Sommelier has established traction with successful vaults on Ethereum including Real Yield ETH and Real Yield USD, both of which set a new standard for market-adaptive, intelligent, non-custodial vaults. Now, additional vaults will be able to run across the combined architecture of Sommelier’s Cosmos appchain and Axelar GMP to access unique DeFi applications such as GMX on Arbitrum One.

In addition to Sommelier, more than a dozen projects on Axelar-connected chains are already building in the interchain between Cosmos and EVM. In particular, Axelar thanks Neutron, Osmosis, Persistence, Saga, Secret Network, Squid, Stride and Umee for supporting the Cosmos-GMP launch.

Axelar: portal to the Cosmos

Axelar is already Web3's best infrastructure for bridging assets to the Cosmos ecosystem, facilitating transfers of liquidity into and out of dedicated appchains built on Cosmos. Axelar is integrated with the leading projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, and axlUSDC has become the default representation of USDC in the Cosmoverse.

GMP is blockchain interoperability beyond bridges: Using GMP, Axelar-connected applications securely move any payload cross-chain – including function calls and other logic. Until now, this functionality has been available only between EVM chains.

Cosmos pioneered the idea of dedicated appchains, interoperable via the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC). As projects scale and find product-market fit, more are seeking the customizability and power that is possible with a purpose-built appchain. Leading perp-swap exchange dYdX is one example.

Axelar GMP extends the interoperability of IBC beyond Cosmos, securing arbitrary cross-chain messages using proof-of-stake – the same consensus approach used by both Cosmos and EVM chains. This is made possible through a combination of $AXL tokenholders, a dynamic validator set (numbering 70 at this writing) and Axelar's permissionless interchain protocols.