$60M for Builders Who Can Lead Web3

The next wave of crypto adoption, whenever it may come, won’t be left to centralized “Web2” applications.

December 19, 2022
Sergey Gorbunov
December 19, 2022

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As an infrastructure project providing secure interchain communication, Axelar sees some of the most innovative and compelling projects in Web3.

Developers building on Axelar are committed to delivering products that can reach mass adoption, without requiring users to switch between blockchains.

Developers building on Axelar are excited about the permissionless composability afforded in interchain development. They know that it means they can collaborate globally, using open-source code and decentralized networks, circumventing interminable business-development cycles and using each others’ code like LEGOs.

Developers building on Axelar demand decentralized infrastructure. They’re not willing to have their networks permissioned, potentially held hostage or hacked through multisigs. They have the vision and the ability to build applications that convey the guarantees of a permissionless blockchain. They don’t want a database or a federated multisig, anywhere in the stack.

Not everyone has the dedication or the skill to build like this. But it is developers at this level who will build the onramps to Web3 that will serve users in the 10s or 100s of millions. The next wave of crypto adoption, whenever it may come, won’t be left to centralized “Web2” applications that reap inflows from the innovations pioneered by Web3 developers.

It’s for these innovators that today Axelar announced the Axelar Ecosystem Startup Funding Program, a $60 million initiative led by top-tier, crypto-native investment firms: Blockchange, Chorus One, Collab+Currency, Cygni Capital, dao5, DCVC, Divergence Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Lemniscap, Morningstar Ventures, Nima Capital, Node Capital, North Island Ventures, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, SCB 10X and others. Investors participating in the program will engage with teams individually, making independent investment decisions on the deals the Axelar Ecosystem Startup Funding Program introduces.

In short, the Axelar Ecosystem Startup Funding Program is designed to nurture a pipeline of developers building Web3 products that rival anything on the centralized web. That means they:

  • Solve global problems that the centralized internet cannot address.
  • Safeguard digital sovereignty, security and privacy.
  • Onboard masses easily, without unnecessary friction between specific blockchains or tokens.

The Axelar Ecosystem Startup Funding Program is geared for projects that are ready to raise institutional capital. In addition, Axelar operates the Axelar Grant Program, which supports idea-stage projects. Information on all funding programs is available here, on the Axelar website.

The Axelar Ecosystem Startup Funding Program will establish a connection between investors who share this vision, and the flow of new developers building interchain dApps that use Axelar as infrastructure to make it a reality. Investors get early exposure to projects; for developers, the program is an opportunity to connect with active Web3 investors who share their vision and goals.


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