Axelar & Polygon to Deliver Secure Cross-Chain Communication to Polygon Supernets

Axelar is one of the early adopters of Polygon Supernets which will expand the interoperability of Polygon Supernets — high-performance app-specific chains that can be optimized for a dApp or a category of dApps.

October 26, 2022
Galen Moore
October 26, 2022

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This announcement was originally published as a press release on Business Wire.

Axelar, the proof-of-stake blockchain that connects Web3 ecosystems, is partnering with Polygon to deliver secure cross-chain communication to Polygon Supernets as the core infrastructure for an interoperable internet of dedicated EVM blockchains powered by Polygon Edge. Once integrated with Axelar, each Supernet will be able to securely transfer assets to and from other Supernets and any other connected chain.

In short, Axelar is one of the early adopters of Polygon Supernets which will expand the interoperability of Polygon Supernets — high-performance app-specific chains that can be optimized for a dApp or a category of dApps.

“Axelar’s cross-chain infrastructure will enable developers to build cross-chain dApps on Polygon Edge that compose liquidity and functionality across Web3,” said Parth Pathak, General Manager of Supernets at Polygon. “This enables complex operations — for example, cross-chain borrow-lend, using NFTs as collateral. Polygon Supernets is creating the world's leading interconnected Web3 ecosystem through multichain mass adoption via one-click experiences, for users across gaming, enterprise, NFTs & DeFi.”

Specifically, Axelar supports developers with the following features to enable fast, simple onboarding:

  • Polygon Supernets will get their native gas tokens into user wallets seamlessly – in one click from the user’s wallet on Ethereum or Polygon.
  • Axelar’s SDK will enable Supernet dApps to generate one-time deposit addresses – the same chain-agnostic onboarding as centralized exchanges.
  • Easy liquidity pathways between Supernets: There will be no need for each Supernet to have its own dex, due to this easy cross-chain liquidity solution.
  • Each Supernet can integrate with Axelar in a matter of days. Once integrated, dApps easily communicate with all connected chains via simple API requests.

"As a result of this partnership, users of dApps built on Polygon will be able to access the most exciting dedicated blockchain dApps of the leading metaverse, gaming, enterprise, Defi & entertainment projects," said Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar. "Supernet chains offer users fast user experience with significantly lower gas fees in comparison to other existing L1s and L2s. Users can easily move and use their currencies and NFTs across multiple Supernet chains, opening them up to the possibilities of a multichain Web3 ecosystem."


About Axelar:

Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication, enabling dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any chain, with one click. In a nutshell, Axelar is for Web3 what Stripe is for mobile and internet applications. Axelar has raised capital from top-tier investors, including Dragonfly Capital, Polychain Capital, Coinbase, and Binance. Partners include major proof-of-stake blockchains, such as Avalanche, Cosmos, Ethereum, Polkadot, and others. Axelar’s co-founders, Sergey Gorbunov and Georgios Vlachos, were founding team members at Algorand.

More about Axelar: | | GitHub | Discord | Twitter.

About Polygon

Polygonis the leading blockchain development platform, offering scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchains for Web3. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to major scaling solutions including L2 (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid, stand-alone and enterprise chains, and data availability. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with unique user addresses exceeding 174.9M. The network is home for some of the biggest Web3 projects such as Aave, Uniswap, OpenSea and well-known enterprises including Starbucks, Meta, Stripe and Adobe.Polygon is carbon neutral with the goal of leading the Web3 ecosystem in becoming carbon negative.

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